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Seamless Fusion: Polished Plasters and Bathrooms

It's no longer true that you can choose between tiles or other tiles for your bathroom...
  • Seamless Fusion: Polished Plasters and Bathrooms

In today's world, minimalism and functionality prevail, which is why the use of polished plasters in bathrooms is very popular. Polished plasters that are durable under the strain of shower areas, floors, walls around the bathtub, or behind the sink.

Fortunately, the current market offers a much wider range than in the past, so within the realm of polished plasters, you can choose from many types that are completely waterproof and don't depend on a final coating, as is the case with cement polished plasters.

The most proven material is Betonepox® polished plaster. Němec company has applied this polished plaster to over 100 000 m2 of surfaces in the last 10 years. It has been tested in various places, including the company's showrooms in Prague and Brno, where you can see how the chosen surface will look after years of use.

It's material is based on a two-component epoxy, a durable and completely non-absorbent substance. There is an endless variety of shades to choose from, several levels of roughness, and decor options, known as Betonepox® Classic, Betonepox Soft, and Betonepox UltraSoft.

Since the polished plaster is less than two millimeters thick, it's crucial not to underestimate any details when it comes to surface preparation. It's not a complicated specialty, but even a simple application of pearls with adhesive can be misleading, and it may cause problems for clients in the future.

As part of surface preparation, it's necessary to cover the walls with a full layer of reinforcing mesh and flexible cementitious adhesive in such a way that the reinforcing mesh doesn't show through. Inner corners in bathrooms should always be treated with waterproofing tapes. Full-area waterproofing is not applied since it's already integrated into the Betonepox polished plaster. Ideally, the floor should have a concrete or cement screed.

Němec company is capable of arranging all these adjustments and surface preparations on its own. They always send a technician to the application site who coordinates with the executing company on all necessary steps to ensure a smooth process, and that the individual layers, including the final polished plaster, will serve clients for many years.

One undeniable advantage of polished plasters is their flexibility in terms of the surface they are applied to. Niches, rounded corners, or irregular shapes of rooms and walls are not a problem. They can also be applied on cabinets or doors. There are no unnecessary cut-offs, unsightly joints, and clients only pay for the actual area covered.

As a specialist and market leader in polished plasters, Němec company doesn't sell its material, thus maintaining control over the highest quality of execution. They take care of all their orders, including the implementation, eliminating the clients' worries of finding another contractor. Němec company handles the entire project from its beginning to its end and creates a unique original. It should be noted that every wall, floor, or niche is always one-of-a-kind and can never be replicated elsewhere.

So don't hesitate to try these proven, fully functional, and original surfaces.

You can visit the experts from Němec company at one of their showrooms (in Prague or Brno), where they will take excellent care of you, assist you with the selection of the right polished plaster for you, show you the range of materials, and even offer you a great cup of coffee.

The Němec team is looking forward to welcoming you!