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Stepping into Style: Enhance Your Floors with Němec stylish surfaces

The floor has always been and remains one of the most important, and above all, the most used parts of any space. It is therefore crucial to take care of it and not underestimate the individual steps of selection, so that we do not have to deal with its repair or, God forbid, replacement after a few years of use.
  • Stepping into Style: Enhance Your Floors with Němec stylish surfaces

We can have floors made of parquet, laminate, vinyl, cork, tiles, carpets, etc., there are truly many options. We can combine different materials or we can rely on certainty and choose a plaster floor, which is often the most suitable alternative.

Since 2009, Němec company has been offering Betonepox® polished plaster, which has been applied to more than 100,000 square meters and has exceptional experience with its durability after almost 15 years in operation. This can be seen in many interiors, for example, in the company's showroom in Prague Krč.

The foundation of Betonepox® polished plaster is a two-component epoxy, a durable and completely non-absorbent material. There is an endless variety of shades, several types of roughness, and decorations available, with names like Betonepox® Classic, Betonepox Soft, and Betonepox UltraSoft.

Since the polished plaster is less than two millimeters thick, it is very important not to underestimate any details in the preparation of the subfloor. It is not complicated; the subfloor should be made of concrete, cement screed, or Anhydrite with higher compressive strength (at least 25 MPa), properly leveled and without cracks. The individual heating circuits, if there is underfloor heating, should be properly dilated. If electric underfloor heating is used, the floor must be reinforced with a floor reinforcing mesh embedded in epoxy with a total thickness of 3-4 mm, which eliminates the formation of cracks caused by the rapid temperature increase when the electric underfloor heating is turned on.

Betonepox® polished plaster is typically applied over the entire surface, and the dilations are cut afterward at the locations where they occur in the subfloor layer. The gaps are then filled with polyurethane sealant colored to match the shade of the polished plaster, resulting in a beautiful and clean detail that does not disturb the overall continuity of the floor pattern, as is the case with the use of expansion strips. Of course, we come back to the importance of preparing the subfloor layers, where we need to fix any crooked dilations before applying the final screed.

Němec company is capable of preparing all these subfloor modifications itself, or a technician always goes to the installation site and coordinates with the respective execution company regarding all the necessary steps to ensure a completely smooth process, and so the individual layers, including the final polished plaster, serve the clients for many years.